Masks v. II Enamel Pin

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Custom 2-inch hard enamel pin adorned with the original design, Masks: Hi, I'm Morgan. Version II.

  • Two 8mm posts with black rubber clutch
  • Collectible backing card

    This work was created for an intimate gallery show, @606: Queer and Black Identities through the lens of social media, with fellow artists, Alexander Martin and Kameron Hoover. This piece speaks on the fluidity and utility of hair in the black community. With the change of my hairstyle, I take a new persona and vibe and quite literally have to reintroduce myself to others outside of the community across several meetings. Through the lens of social media and IRL black women carry this strong persona and outer shell well for our own emotional and physical protection but on the inside, we have a colorful array of emotions. As black women, our hair and demeanor are equivalent to Super Man's glasses or cape.